What is a Social Residence? Results after 3 months living


Do you know a property called a social residence? This is a shared house with private rooms, close to the dormitory. Here you can enjoy exchanges in the kitchen and lounge while securing private. It is a comfortable environment.

I live in Social Residence Aobadai. The percentage of residents is 60% for Japanese and about 40% for foreigners. People come from many regions such as the United States, the UK, France, China, South Korea, Southeast Asia and Africa.

Let me introduce social residence.

What is a social residence?

my room

Social residence can keep privacy and interact with others. It is like a dormitory that you do not have to be a student. In the common kitchen and smoking room you can face someone everyday.

If you move into an ordinary apartment in Japan, you can hardly have conversations with other residents. You may not be able to even return your greeting. But social residence does not need such worry.

Also, it is good that the facilities of the joint are substantial. There is a large bath like a public bath, a full kitchen like a restaurant, some with a gym and home theater. None of these are facilities that can not be ordinary rental properties.

It is also pleasant that the initial cost can be reduced. You do not need to pay the security deposit key money and you do not have to furnish the appliances to the household appliances first. Because most of them are already there. If you stay for only a few months, this is a big advantage.

There is no troublesome thing that you do not have to make a contract for internet connection every time, or you can contract with NHK.

What kind of people live in social residence?

Social Residence Aobadai I’m in is age groups in 20s to 30s. Most people are working and there are few students. 60% of men and 40% of women.

Many foreigners can speak Japanese. Some people are as good as Japanese. However, there are people who can hardly speak Japanese. Still it would not be very inconvenient if you could only speak English. There are many Japanese tenants who can speak English.

The length of your stay will vary from person to person. There are also short-term residents only for two months or three months, and some people have a half year to a year. Foreigners stand out in the short term and those who go out soon.

Where is the social residence?

There are many social residences in Tokyo and Kanagawa. Let’s see the list.


  • Social Residence SHAKUJII KOEN
  • Social Residence FUSSA
  • Social Residence HIGASHIKOGANEI
  • Social Residence HAIJIMA
  • Social Residence KAMIKITAZAWA
  • Social Residence KICHIJOJI
  • Social Residence HANA KOGANEI


  • Social Residence TAMAPLAZA
  • Social Residence Ichigao WEST
  • Social Residence Ichigao NORTH
  • Social Residence AOBADAI
  • Social Residence YOKOHAMA
  • Social Residence HIGASHI TOTSUKA
  • Social Residence YURIGAOKA
  • Social Residence MACHIDA KURIHIRA


  • Social Residence FUNABASHI
  • Social Residence NARITA (YACHIYO)
  • Social Residence MINAMI NAGAREYAMA


  • Social Residence NISHIKAWAGUCHI

Even in the properties of Kanagawa and Chiba, depending on the place, you can go to Tokyo soon. There are many options.

What is my opinion?

You can use this every time .

Three months have passed since I lived in Social Residence Aobadai. At first there were various uneasiness, but now I am satisfied. When you want to concentrate alone, stay in your room and go to the lounge and talk to someone when you are having meals. It is a very ideal living environment.

I especially like home theaters. Bring your laptop and stream movies to watch. The screen is big and the sound is good.

Since no initial cost is required, you can move easily. I am planning to move to another social residence if I stay here for another two or three months.

How to keep costs low

The social residence was originally low in initial cost, but if the campaign is done, the contract fee will be free, and the first month expenses will be cheaper. When choosing a place of residence, you should also worry about whether or not a campaign is taking place.

In my case I could use the campaign well, so the cost of the first month was almost free.

Also, I will give you a worth of 10,000 yen to you who have read it far. That’s the link below. After clicking this, when you become an oak member, 10,000 yen is deducted from the initial cost. Please do use it.

As for the social residence Aobadai I review it in Japanese in detail, so I also want you to see it. Try checking only images.